Lenz Farms is a diversified multi-generational crop and livestock farm that operates out of Wray, Colorado.  Lenz Family Farms is owned and operated by partners: Mike Lenz, Jim Lenz, Rod Lenz, George Lenz, Marty Buoy, Brian Meisner, Bevan Lenz, and Corwin Lenz.  Together, along with six full time employees, we farm 5000 acres of irrigated sand hills farm land, 1200 acres of dry land ground and run cattle on 5500 acres of prime sand hill grassland.  Crops grown include: corn, wheat, edible beans and potatoes.  The potato operation is enhanced by a wash and packing shed that allows Lenz Family Farms to  provide a complete line of Yukon Gold potatoes for re-packers and retailers across the nation.  Lenz Family Farms also has registered Charolais cattle herd that operates under Sand Creek Charolais http://sandcreekcharolais.com.

The unique difference of Lenz Family Farms is that all partners are working partners that have day to day responsibilities. From checking sprinklers, to fixing wind mills, you can find any of the partners with their hands dirty and their wheels turning.  During harvest,”busy”, is an understatement.  Harvesters, trucks, combines, tractors, the wash shed, and office are humming along at a brisk pace, trying to beat the weather and winter.  However, even when things are busy, we all try to make time for anyone who drops in with a question or a request.  “PEOPLE ARE OUR PRIORITY” is more than a slogan, it is the reason that we do what we do!

                                                                             Mike Lenz                      spouse; Margaret
                                                                             Jim Lenz                        spouse; Leslie
                                                                             Rod Lenz                       spouse; Carrie
                                                                             George Lenz II               spouse; Becky
                                                                             Marty Buoy                    spouse; Yvonne
                                                                             Brian Meisner                spouse; Kylee
                                                                             Bevan Lenz                   spouse: Priscila
                                                                             Corwin Lenz                  spouse; Clare 

Lenz Family Farms

Lenz Family Farm Partners

Top - Marty Buoy, George Lenz II, Corwin Lenz
Bottom - Brian Meisner, Bevan Lenz, Rod Lenz, Mike Lenz, Jim Lenz
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